Making new connections at ASU

Making connections in college can be intimidating and overwhelming at first. When faced with the idea of making friends or finding a whole new group to connect with, you might ask yourself, “Where do I start and who do I connect with?” or “How do I approach someone new and become their friend?” Luckily for you, making connections isn’t as difficult or scary as it might seem, at least when you know how to get started.

When I first came to ASU as an out-of-state student, I was lost and had no idea where to start making connections, or who to start with. I found a great way to get connected around campus was by meeting with my Success Coach. She not only helped show me all the resources around campus available to me, but she introduced me to an advisor who helped me prepare for graduate school. 

Now I’m sharing some of the resources that can help you make college connections and friendships that last.

Meet Sun Devils with similar interests

One great way to make connections is to look for fellow students who have similar interests as you. This can be done through SunDevilSync, a site for all student organizations. You can use SunDevilSync to search for clubs, organizations and events happening in person (on any campus), or remote get-togethers and events.  

Start by searching for a topic you’re interested in, like cooking or badminton, and you’ll find a list of all the student clubs and organizations related to your search as well as upcoming events you can attend. If you find an organization that interests you, their club page will provide you with their contact information and upcoming meeting schedule so you can reach out and get connected.

Connect with your support team

Another valuable resource for students are college peer mentors (visit your college’s website to find out if your college offers this) and Student Success coaches. The Student Success Center is composed of student workers who offer support, advice and college-life tips to current first- and second-year students to help them get connected to resources around ASU. Watch the video below for more information on how your success coach can help you. 

Try something different

Another great way to get involved and meet new people is by trying something completely new. You can connect with other Sun Devils who are in the same boat as you, or learn from a new friend. Check out these great stories of people who benefited from trying something different. Or try this ASU-specific list of how to get involved in unexpected ways.

I know that making new friends can be tough, but remember that most students are also new and trying to meet people, and may be just waiting for you to reach out and say “hello!” Check out even more advice from other Sun Devils on how to find and build lasting connections

Student contributor: Taylor, forensic psychology major and Success Coach

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