Finding your people

Here’s the thing about college. It’s a clean start. That means that you are free of whatever drama or uncertainties you had before arriving, and can embrace (and discover) exactly who you are and what you are meant to do with your life. The ASU community is filled with students from around the globe with a huge array of interests and talents. Your friends are out there. Sometimes it just takes a minute to find them. Here is some advice from current students who want to remind you about what’s really important.

  1. “Believe in yourself and recognize that you are a unique individual. Don't worry too much about fitting in or trying to make yourself happy the way other people do. Take your time, develop a lifestyle and find people who appreciate you for you. At the end of the day, you come first.”

  2. “Don’t change who you are or what you believe, or give into social pressures just to fit in!  There are so many people to meet and they will like you for you. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. Some of the best friends I have made during college are from doing just that.”

  3. “Surround yourself with people who share your motivation and live with a balance between fun and work. Too much of either can land you in a tough spot.”

  4. “Take it easy. These next four years are a learning experience both academically and outside of class. Observe and take it all in, and most importantly, enjoy!”

  5. “You can't do everything and please everyone. Focus on what you can do.”

  6. “You are supposed to change. Explore new things and don't regret any decision. ASU lets you blossom into who you are meant to be, and any bumps along the way are just for character development. It won't last forever, so take 5,000 videos, talk to that new person and eat that Qdoba burrito.”

  7. “Be selective about who you spend time with and their goals for college. Social life and academics are manageable when you make like-minded friends who value what you value. A lot of the time I spent with friends we were doing homework, listening to music and just enjoying each other’s company. My best memories came from late-night study sessions with friends.”

  8. “Don’t ever compare yourself to other students. It is easy to feel lost and different from others, especially when it comes to academics. Remember that everyone has unique talents and you have four years to cultivate yours.”

  9. “College is about learning, but also having fun! There are so many ways to have fun without putting yourself in dangerous situations. Use a level head and make the most of your youth!”

  10. “My advice is to not jump into anything right away. Feel out everything that ASU offers you, then see which ones align with you best. It can be intimidating at first, but the clubs and organizations on campus are amazing and so inclusive. I was able to join 942 Crew my sophomore year and it has brought me so many great things, even though I waited to join. Enjoy!”

Here’s what we want you to take away from this advice: Be yourself. You’re more likely to find people who align with your personality and goals when you are true to who you are. But don’t let that hold you back from trying new things and moving outside of your comfort zone to connect with others. 

We’re sharing even more advice from students on topics like time management, choosing your major and connecting with your professors.

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