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Find your fit before you register for spring

Spring semester is right around the corner. It’s exciting but also little intimidating, especially if you’re not sure you’re on the right path or if school isn’t going how you imagined. Before you register for next semester, set aside some time to think about your future and what you really want from your education.

If you’re not where you hoped you’d be, consider if your struggles are related to a lack of interest or drive in your field of study. Perhaps you just need a little help with the more challenging material. Here are a few more things to think about.

When to stick with it

When you’re struggling, especially with something you really love, it can be discouraging. Assess what you’re willing to do to succeed. If you’re putting as much effort as you’re able into this and it’s not working, it might be time to pivot. But if you have the drive to work harder, stick with it. There are a ton of resources at ASU to help you keep going and improving. Start here.

  • Meet with your advisor. They can help you plan a schedule that will work for you. Ask about workload and keep an eye on your DARS report to keep you on track.

  • Attend a tutoring session. Plan how you’re going to get the help you need to catch up or keep up by scoping out the tutoring schedule and attending a session.

  • Visit your professor’s office hours. Reach out to make a connection who someone who can give you one-on-one help in the exact classes you are struggling with.

When to consider changing course

If you’re feeling truly stuck on the path you’ve chosen, it’s time to get unstuck. Take a hard look at why you’re on the path you’re on, and consider what made you choose it in the first place. If there’s another subject or major you have a new or re-ignited passion for, it may be time to see if it’s a better fit for you — or maybe you can add it as a minor. Try these tips to start exploring.

  • Talk to your advisor about what you’re thinking. They can help you explore potential different paths and let you know how your schedule and requirements will change.

  • Take the Me3Ⓡ quiz. It can show you career areas that match your interests and skills and may open a door to something you haven’t yet considered.

  • Connect with a career advisor. They can help you discover al path to help you reach your future goals.

Whether you decide to stick with your chosen course or embark on a new one, we’ve got your back. Remember to register for next semester as soon as you finalize your plan.


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