What is DARS and how do I use it?

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What’s the first thing you do if you need to get somewhere that you’ve never been? Open your favorite map app and get directions, right? Then, let’s say you’re following those directions and you accidentally take a wrong turn, hit traffic or miss your exit. The app steps in to reroute you and get you back on track to your destination, and all is well with the world. Awesome.

What if ASU applied that same helpful guidance and constant lookout to assure you’re on the fastest route to getting your degree? And by clicking one button you could get a real time analysis of how close you are to graduation? Move over, Siri. ASU is taking the wheel.

Most ASU students have used their major map — the semester-by-semester guide available through My ASU that lists which classes you need to take, and tells you when you need to take them. It’s a pretty easy-to-follow route to selecting your classes. You may have also used My Major Map — a tool that compares the classes you have already taken to your semester-by-semester major map plan.  

But here’s the bonus tool you may not be aware of … DARS, or ASU’s Degree Audit Reporting System. That’s a lot to process, so we’ll we break it down.

  • What does it do? DARS tracks your real-time progress toward your degree. The DARS Graduation Audit analyzes your classes (both those you’ve completed and those you are currently in) to determine whether you are currently proceeding toward graduation or if you’ve gone a bit off course and need to be “rerouted back to your destination” (AKA completing your degree and graduating). The DARS Graduation Audit is what ASU uses to verify you’ve met all your degree requirements and can don your cap and gown and actually graduate!

  • When do I use it? You should run your DARS Graduation Audit in My ASU at least once a semester, but you can run a report whenever you want to check your progress. It is also recommended that you run it before registration to assist with selecting your classes, and then after you register to make sure the courses you chose are meeting the degree requirements you thought they would.

  • What if I don’t understand my report? No worries, we’ve created a short video to walk you through it. You can also make an appointment with your academic advisor if you have any unanswered questions.

To help you understand how to use these tools, where you can access them and get a few pro tips along the way, start here.


Once you get the basics down, take advantage of the DARS Explainer below. Get tips, read FAQs, watch interactive videos and become a DARS expert with the help of this tool.

video 2

We recommend you use these tools on a regular basis to stay informed and headed toward graduation. Your success should always be your priority. Now, proceed to the route and stay focused on your destination.

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