Student graduating

What every college student needs to know

Going off to college should be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. How do you prepare for it? Well if you are reading this blog, you are off to a good start. Here are some tips from Hilary White at Popsugar, as well as a few of our own.

  1. Build bridges. Don’t burn them.

  2. Learn how to make coffee.

  3. Go to office hours.

  4. Take advantage of your Spring break. There are no breaks in the real world.

  5. Getting an internship now will help you land a job later.

  6. Try new foods.

  7. Be ready for a bad grade or two. College courses are not the same as high school classes.

  8. Your parents will miss you. Call them more.

  9. Attend floor and community events, even if it’s just for the free food.

  10. Be ready for change; allow yourself to grow.

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