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What are the best study tips?

With a few classes and syllabi under your belt, you may be starting to understand what your courses this semester will be like. And that some of your high school study habits won’t cut it anymore. We have a few tried and true tips to help you ace your classes, study smart and hit your GPA goals.

1. Go to class

This might seem obvious, but at some point you’ll likely be tempted to skip. Maybe you really need to study for a test or hang out with a friend from home, but our word of advice? Don’t cut class to do it.  Going to class will help you be prepared for tests, get to know classmates for study groups, and if there’s a pop quiz or unexpected extra credit, you’ll be there.

2. Get to know your prof

Introducing yourself and going to office hours will help you start off on the right foot with your professors. They enjoy meeting the students in their classes and will appreciate your interest in the subject matter they’re teaching — trust us. Here’s our guide to getting over your fear of office hours to help you get through the door.

3. Make a plan

Scheduling time for yourself to study is super important. With everything you’re juggling, from classes to work and a social life, having designated study time will help you keep it all together. Get a planner and write everything down or try out a planning app to help yourself stay on track.

4. Read, read, read

You’ve probably been assigned a lot of reading. And guess what? Professors expect you to be doing it. Anything covered in those texts could come up on a test, and you don’t want to be the one who skipped over something important because you hadn’t cracked open the book yet. Our advice? Change up your scenery to make it interesting. Read at a coffee shop, bookstore, or once it cools down, out on the lawn.

5. Get some zzz’s

All-nighters are not doing you any favors. In fact, they are a detriment to your success. Catching zzz’s helps your brain stay on track, and keeps you well-rested so you don’t fall asleep during a test or even worse, sleep through it entirely. Check out this article all about the importance of sleep and then work a nap into your schedule today. 

6. Learn, review, repeat

When it comes to test prep, going over it once is not enough. If you know a test or a quiz is coming up, start reviewing your materials as soon as possible. Check your syllabus for test dates and plan to start reviewing a few weeks before the exam. Reach out to classmates and start a study group. After all, you’re all in this together.

For even more tips and tricks of the college game and an in-depth look at how to study, check out our complete two-part guide to studying.

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