Three ways to be a better student

College is all about learning — learning about yourself and learning as much as you can from your classes, professors and community. So if you feel like you’re not living up to your learning potential, or getting everything you wanted out of your college experience, we can give you some direction. We’re sharing three pieces of advice to help you elevate to the student you want to be. Let’s do this. 

1. Create systems that work for you.

This will take a bit of trial and error, but it’ll be worth it — we promise. Start by trying out some time management strategies like making daily to-do lists and prioritizing your tasks. We recommend browsing some digital list-making apps and sites to help you organize everything you have to do. Start by checking out Google Tasks. You already have access to it from your Gmail account (click the shortcut on the right side of your email, shown in the screenshot below, or download the mobile app), and it integrates nicely with your email and Google Calendar. Check out this guide to getting started

2. Understand and move past your frustrations.

If you find yourself struggling with a certain class, project or assignment, know that it’s pretty likely that your classmates are struggling with it too. While that may not be entirely comforting, it can help to know that you’re not necessarily behind or “not getting things” more than anyone else. So how do you deal? We recommend trying a few different things:

  1. Reach out to your classmates. Start chatting with classmates from six feet away if you’re taking in-person classes, in a Zoom breakout session or by connecting through the chat feature on the ASU Mobile app. Then reach out to your class connections to start a study group or just a group chat where you can help each other better understand tough course material. 

  2. Meet with your professor or TA. If you feel like you’re not understanding something in a class, your professor or TA are great resources. They have a vested interest in the subject you’re studying and in your success. Raise your (virtual or physical) hand and ask questions in class, or visit them during their office hours to connect. 

  3. Find academic help. Every student can benefit from tutoring and expanding their knowledge on a topic (even if you’re getting an “A”). Make a virtual or in-person appointment with the tutoring or writing center for one-on-one assistance or group learning. We also recommend checking out ASU’s collaboration with Crash Course for great videos on a ton of topics from persuasive writing to algebra and quadratic equations. 

3. Take care of yourself.

You won’t be successful (at least not for long) if you’re not taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. That means focusing on three major factors of your wellness: eating well, getting enough sleep and moving your body. Try the SDFC’s virtual workouts on YouTube (and below), or sign up for one of the in-person, physically distanced classes available on all four campuses.


It’s also important to spend time on your mental health, and to recognize signs if you’re struggling. Check out the FAQ section of ASU’s Counseling Services website for more information. And remember to listen to yourself and seek help if you need it. 


Let us know if there are any topics you want to learn more about, or if you’re looking for advice related to your college experience. We’re here to help you be the best student you can be and would love to hear how we can support you on your journey. 

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