The science of productivity

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Do you struggle to get things done? Or maybe focus on how hard or how much time it will take to complete a task? We're right there with you. But, lucky for all of us, science is here to help.

While it may seem like a simple answer, the secret is to just start. Our brains will actually produce the Zeigarnik Effect, which causes us to finish what we’ve started. If we start a task and fail to complete it, we'll become uncomfortable and ultimately, nag ourselves into revisiting it. AsapSCIENCE does a great job explaining the phenomenon and offers some great tips to get you to hit the ground running.


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Hey Sunny

A library of helpful advice, tips and answers to questions from students to Sunny.

ASU’s chatbot, Sunny, has been helping students get adjusted to college life for a few years now. The questions from students year after year, rarely change. Sometimes it helps to see what other students are asking to stay informed and realize you aren’t the only one trying to figure it all out.

Welcome to the Hey Sunny blog – a library of advice for students from Sunny and the team supporting the bot.

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