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ASU students registering for classes

Every semester can be a whirlwind. You’re focusing on your classes and studying hard to ace tests and complete projects, all while trying to set yourself up for success next semester and nailing down plans for an internship or part-time job. Whew. While we definitely think you deserve to take a break, we also want you to know how important it is to register ASAP.

It's time to register.

Start planning out your best schedule as soon as you can. Meeting with your advisor before you register is expected, so schedule your appointment as soon as you can.

Before you meet with your advisor, take a look at your DARS and your major map to get an idea of what is required and where you have some wiggle room.

Confused by your major map?

We can help. The major map is found on My ASU under the My Programs tab.

Your major map is different from your graduation audit (DARS) in that it doesn’t show your personal progress toward achieving your degree. It’s a blueprint for anyone in your major, highlighting the courses that are required, by semester. It covers when you need to complete prerequisites and capstones to help you graduate in four years.

The suggested courses you see on the map fulfill other requirements and fit in well with your major. You can deviate from those suggestions and use those credits for classes in your minor or to take another class you’re interested in.

Time to start planning

Once you have a handle on your DARS and your major map, start browsing the available classes. ASU Class Search will show you which courses are available and will work with your schedule. Use that info to start building practice schedules. Try a tool like ASU’s Schedule Planner to automatically generate all of the possible schedules that meet your criteria. Find it on My ASU in the My Classes box. In just a few clicks, you can select what courses you want and add in breaks where you need them. Then let the program do the work to show you all of your scheduling options.

Check out more tips on registering and start planning. Let us know if you have any questions — we’re here to help.

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