Navigating campus resources

Everyone at ASU wants you to have a great college experience and do your absolute best. You’ve probably received a ton of information about all of the resources we have to offer and how they can help you. But with so much info, some of it can fall through the cracks.  We’re here to be your virtual guide to some of those resources and to remind you how you can use them to help you succeed.

Career services

Use. This. Resource. Whether it’s to look up different career paths for your major, prepare for an interview or have your resume reviewed, there’s something here that will benefit you, whether you’re in your first year or your final year at ASU. They offer both in-person and virtual career advising, and an online resume and cover letter review dropbox so you can have your application materials reviewed by an expert from anywhere. 

Counseling services

Mental health is important for everyone, especially while you’re going through major life change like going to college. Counseling support for Sun Devils is available 24/7 at no costYou can walk in to any counseling service location or sign up for a virtual or in-person session through the My Health Portal. This counseling guide will tell you where to start. Group or individual counseling, crisis services and consultations are available. EMPACT’s 24-hour ASU-dedicated crisis hotline is 480-921-1006.

Student and Cultural Engagement

Find yourself and your community by attending heritage celebrations, cultural programs, or spiritual and interfaith meetings. Explore leadership opportunities through student coalitions that help represent the voice of various cultures around the university. Check out the full involvement calendar for current events. 

ASU Experience Center

Technology becomes pretty vital during college. And when something goes wrong, it can be stressful (printers and wifi, we’re looking at you). The ASU Experience Center offers tech support for your computer so you can turn all of your assignments in on time.

Health Services

Health Services covers primary care, but it also covers a wide range of services like COVID-19 testing, sexual wellness, prescription refills and more. Also think flu shots, women's health services, allergy shots and lab services. Basically everything but the chicken soup when you're not feeling your Sun Devil best.

University Academic Success Programs

This is the place for anyone who is looking for help learning, studying or understanding course material. Check out in-person or virtual tutoring or writing center support or check out the Online Study Hub supporting courses in math, science, business, engineering and writing. Search resources, videos, and previously asked questions, or, ask Tutorbot questions.

Pro tip: Use this service right from the beginning ... regularly. Don't wait for that moment when you're totally lost in a class, or miss your potential on a test or midterm.

And that’s not all! There are even more resources out there to support you throughout your college career.

Hey Sunny

A library of helpful advice, tips and answers to questions from students to Sunny.

ASU’s chatbot, Sunny, has been helping students get adjusted to college life for a few years now. The questions from students year after year, rarely change. Sometimes it helps to see what other students are asking to stay informed and realize you aren’t the only one trying to figure it all out.

Welcome to the Hey Sunny blog – a library of advice for students from Sunny and the team supporting the bot.

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