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Everything you need to know about tutoring

The semester is reaching the mid-point and we’re nearing midterm season. Whether you’ve been preparing for this for months or are having an “oh snap” moment right now, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about tutoring and how you can best use ASU’s tutoring resources.

First, who should go to tutoring?

You! Seriously. Tutoring is for all students, regardless of whether you’re taking classes in-person, or remote through an iCourse or whether you're a straight "A" student or if you’re struggling. If you want to succeed, tutoring is a great resource. During the last school year, more than 27,000 students used tutoring services. That’s a lot of students who weren’t afraid to ask for help and who want to work on improving their skills.

OK, what can a tutor help me with?

There are different kinds of tutors depending on what you need help with.

  • Subject area tutoring, including math, sciences, business and more, is available to students who need help with an assignment or understanding concepts. Tutors don’t have or give out the answers to problems, but they’re great at helping you understand concepts you’re struggling with.

  • Writing Center tutoring can help with any part of the writing process for any class. That means that if you’re stuck trying to start a paper, you can come in to brainstorm. Or you can come in with a draft to have a tutor work with you to fine tune your work.

I’m convinced, how do I get a tutor?

Check out tutoring for available times to meet with a tutor (in-person or remotely through Zoom) who excels in the subject you want to work on. All subject area tutors are available for on-demand tutoring without appointments, but Writing Center tutors require appointments and they fill up fast, so sign up ASAP before classes end.

Do I meet with the tutor one-on-one?

It depends. There are a few options for how you can work with a tutor. In-person, remotely and one-on-one are options, and there are also group tutoring sessions called Supplemental Instruction. These are for specific classes where the SI instructors attend the classes they’re supporting, so they are on the same page as you about what’s going on in class.

When it comes to tutoring, your best motto is “go early, and go often.” Check the Academic Support Network website and your email for more details on schedules and availability. We can’t wait to see you succeed.


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