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It’s almost time!! In a couple of weeks you’ll be starting fall semester and dipping your toe in the college waters. It’s coming fast and so might your feelings of excitement and anticipation mixed with a little (or a lot) of sadness to leave home and some of your friends. Hugs. We get it. We also have some advice that might help a little for when you arrive. 

Hit the clubs, yo. 

Let us explain.

ASU offers over 1,000 student clubs and orgs on each of the four campuses. One. Thousand. Before you roll your eyes and think you know everything there is to know about student clubs, hear us out. 

Worried about not making any friends when you arrive on campus? Join a club. Concerned about not having any plans outside of class? Join a club. Trying to expand your horizons in college and meet diverse people? Join a club. Looking for an easy way to network and form future connections related to your major? Join. A. Club. 

Here’s the beauty of joining a club the first week of school: you instantly connect yourself with people that share your interests and are looking for friends JUST LIKE YOU. And don’t assume there isn’t a club for something you love to do. Here’s a small sample (remember, there’s more than one thousand) of clubs that actually exist at ASU.

  • Love to nerd out over Harry Potter? Then you should check out Dumbledore’s Army.
  • Looking for something tied to your future profession? Check out clubs like the Business to Business club that helps facilitate the transition from "business" college to a "business" career.
  • Want to try improv or sketch comedy? Barren Mind or Farce Side comedy groups might be for you.
  • Maybe you’d rather connect with a cause or something more service-oriented? Consider clubs like the Arizona Mentor Society that mentors 5th graders and helps them stay on track to high school and college.
  • There are sports clubs, cultural clubs, leadership, political, religious, entrepreneurship, LGBTQIA clubs, and fraternities and sororities.

The list goes on and on. And here’s the thing, even if you search through the list and can’t find one that sounds good to you, you can start your own club.  

If you’re still unsure, remember that just about everyone is nervous about making friends — not to mention planning to spend their time in college well. You don’t have to commit to any of the clubs you try out, so sample several and see what’s right for you.



Photo of ASU's Architecture Club by Seyedeh Sara Alavizadeh.

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