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The power of leaving your dorm room

The school year kicks off with a lot of fanfare and excitement. It’s all about who you’re going to meet and what your classes will be like. But after awhile you start to settle in to your new life.  You might start feeling lonely, and worry about fitting in and finding your squad. Guess what? That’s totally normal.

We have tips on making new friends and the importance of building connections, but there are other ways to help yourself when you’re feeling lonely. That’s when it’s time to unleash the power of leaving your dorm room.

Getting up and leaving your room opens you up to opportunities to engage. Try these three ways to put yourself out there and get a little social.

Be approachable

If you want to start conversations, the key is to appear approachable (here are some tips). That means putting down your phone and looking around. This will open up your body language, making you appear more inviting. Get ready for people to ask you for directions or to compliment your outfit.

Try something new

The beauty of a new school year is that there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as you, even if they don’t look like it. Check out a new event or go to a part of campus you’ve never been to before. You’ll learn something new and be in a perfect position to ask the person closest to you if they’ve ever been there before. Instant engagement.

Know it takes time

People talk all the time about how much they loved their college experience. But hindsight often leaves out the lonely parts. We heard great advice from upper-division ASU students about what they wish they knew their first year of college. The number one piece of advice was that it takes time to make friends and adjust.

Next time you’re feeling lonely, remember that it’s okay to take your time — feelings of loneliness are normal and as cliche as it sounds, you will find your place, people and fit. If you need someone to talk to or feel overwhelmed, please visit ASU counseling services or check out other support services on campus. Now put down your phone and say ‘hey’ to the next person you see.

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