How do I find off-campus housing?


To answer the big question right away: start looking for housing for next year ASAP. But if you haven’t signed a lease yet, don’t panic. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re taking the first step in the process. 

The reason we say to start looking as soon as you can is because some apartments offer discounts or special offers for early lease signing, and popular locations can fill up quickly. But you need to balance discounts and perks with being absolutely sure about decisions like choosing your roommate and setting your budget. Take our roommate compatibility quiz to see how well you and your roommates will work together. 

The next big question is: how do I start looking for housing? We’re here to help. 

Cover the basics

The first few questions you have to ask yourself will cover the basics of your future living situation. Start by determining your monthly budget (more on that here), deciding whether or not you’ll be living with roommates, and how you will get around. For example if you bike, you need to be within biking distance of campus and work.

Start the search

Once you have some solid answers to these basic questions, it’s time to start looking for your new digs. In our opinion, all good searches start with good research. But don’t worry — a lot of it has already been done for you. Check out The State Press’ housing guide, which includes information and tips as well as a helpful database of apartments near each campus, pricing and more. Or visit ASU’s off-campus living guide for even more info. 

Check out this post that covers what to look for and what to ask a leasing agent when you’re looking for your perfect apartment.

Be thorough

Before you make any final decisions, make sure you’ve been as thorough as possible. Be sure you’re living with people you want to live with in a place you want to live in. Of course there are likely to be some compromises, but make sure they are compromises you are okay with.  Make sure you’re prepared for the expenses you’ll be faced with, including utilities, fees or deposits you’ll have to make. 

Make a plan with your roommates about who is going to bring or pay for furniture and supplies, and make decisions about how you’re going to pay for any additional furniture or appliances you might need. 

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