Be your own mentor matchmaker

There’s a lot of talk out there about finding a mentor and all of the career benefits and growth opportunities you can gain. Simply find a big-wig in your industry who thinks you’re fantastic and they’ll launch your career into Jeff Bezos-type success. Easy peasy, right? Of course not! Finding a mentor takes some work, but you can do it and we can help.

Make connections.

Attend networking events (follow our handy guide for tips), meet people at your internship or join career-focused campus groups. Let every potential mentor know you’re a student interested in learning more about their career path. Try checking out the current list of alumni interested in staying connected on ASU’s Handshake site. Then send them a message asking to meet.

Follow up.

Ask for a business card when you meet someone interesting and send them an email afterward. It’s a prime opportunity to remind them that you valued the conversation and would like to learn more. Try inviting them to get coffee or asking for an informational interview.

Follow through.

Attend the meeting! This is not a meeting to run late to, so look nice and take notes. Buy them a cup of coffee to show you value their time and ask if there’s anyone else in their network who you should talk to. Try to secure two contacts from each meeting to keep growing your network.

Follow up some more.

Send a thank you note or email letting them know you appreciate their time and expertise. Discuss future meetings over coffee and ask if it’s okay to reach out for questions or advice. Avoid asking this person to be your mentor right away. Wait for a relationship to develop and it becomes natural to refer to them as your mentor.

Be a good mentee.

Follow this guide from a successful mentor to see how to be a great mentee. And remember to keep connecting. Put a reminder in your calendar to follow up every few months with questions you have about your career, or a check-in email sharing something relevant to you or your industry.

Listen to your mentor and use their advice. Remember that it’s okay to have different mentors for different parts of your life and that not all mentors are industry experts. You could find a mentor in a fellow student or a parent. Read our guide on choosing the right mentor for you to ensure you’re getting the best fit.


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