Tips to network

Networking. You’ll probably do more of it in college than you will the rest of your life. It’s important to know how to do it well.


Create and practice a 30 second commercial that will highlight the most important part of your educational and professional background. Have questions prepared for your areas of interests. Dress appropriately, and remember, you can never have too many resumes on hand.


Be friendly, professional and confident when talking to other professionals. Research organizations they are associated with, and make notes on advice and things they say.


Connect on LinkedIn or send a follow-up email. There is no shame in making sure a person remembers your name and skillset.


LinkedIn is a professional website that let’s you connect with possible employers. Shapr is a relatively new app that helps you meet inspiring people who can shape your life.

Hey Sunny

A library of helpful advice, tips and answers to questions from students to Sunny.

ASU’s chatbot, Sunny, has been helping students get adjusted to college life for a few years now. The questions from students year after year, rarely change. Sometimes it helps to see what other students are asking to stay informed and realize you aren’t the only one trying to figure it all out.

Welcome to the Hey Sunny blog – a library of advice for students from Sunny and the team supporting the bot.

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