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By: Aubrey Souders, a junior majoring in secondary education, an Adulting Ambassador and First-Year Success coach

You’ve likely heard of Arizona State University’s Career and Professional Development Services, and know you can go there to learn more about different careers. Maybe you’ve attended a career fair or had your resume reviewed by the center’s career advisors. But you probably don’t know about all of the ways the career center can help you in your career, internship or part-time job search. 

I sat down with Career and Industry Specialist Jennifer Figarro to go over all of the programs, events and other services all ASU students can take advantage of as Sun Devils. She includes the services she wishes more students were taking advantage of (and that I might be signing up for right now). 

What does the career center offer to students? 

Our office supports current students and alumni in their career development for life. We also work with employers to meet their talent-hiring needs. We strive to assist through advising, mentorship, employment opportunities, hiring events, grad school preparation and so much more. We support students with anything from resumes, interview preparation, job and internship searching to networking and even finding mentors.

What services should students be taking advantage of?

Our drop-in advising hours are available to students virtually Monday through Friday (and are a great way to get started), but we also offer resources that are accessible at all times:

  • Career exploration and interviews: Students can ask exploratory questions to figure out what they want to major in and what to do with that major. Students can also meet with us for mock interviews as well as any other career-related questions. 

  • Self-paced courses: Our virtual resources include self-paced appointments and modules that you can go through at your own pace. Since our students' schedules are hectic, finding time to meet can be a challenge, and these resources offer students the help they need on their own time. 

  • Resume dropbox: Students upload their resume, which can include a cover letter and job description. Then somebody from our office will give them feedback on their document via email within 3 to 5 business days. It’s a really quick and accessible option for people if they're wanting feedback. 

  • Interviewstream: Practice interviewing in a virtual space where you can record yourself answering questions and provide self-feedback. It helps prepare students for interviews and gives them a chance to review their body language and phrasing. Watch the video below for an overview of how Interviewstream works

  • Handshake: This platform offers hundreds of opportunities for students to connect with employers. This is where you can find events to attend, explore open jobs and internships, and find answers to commonly asked questions. ASU students just need to activate their account to get started. Here are a few tips on how to use the service

  • ASU Mentorship Network: Students can find quick connections or lasting relationships with alumni, industry experts, local businesspeople and more. The Mentorship Network offers events, info sessions, and networking and development opportunities such as building-a-resume events and practice interviews.

What will virtual career and internship fairs look like this year? 

There are more than 20 hiring events taking place this semester. The events revolve around different industries and are primarily taking place virtually through Handshake. I encourage students to register ASAP for these events — the earlier you register the more likely you’ll be able to sign up for a session with an employer that you’re really excited about. 

There is no age requirement and no grade level requirement to attend these events. We always use the expression, “The sooner you start, the further you'll go.” 

If I were looking for a job or internship right now, what advice would you give me?

Attend our upcoming hiring events, take advantage of drop-in advising (find drop-in hours for your college here), and update your resume and cover letter for every job or internship you apply for. The more you prepare for these opportunities, take advantage of these resources and stay connected with CPDS, the more prepared you’ll be when you find your ideal job or internship.

There are a ton of ways that the career center can make a difference in your job or internship search, no matter where you are in your college career or future exploration journey. I encourage you to take Jennifer up on her recommendation to drop in to a career-advising session. I’m speaking from experience when I say you will learn more about your path and the ways they can help you achieve your career goals than you ever thought possible. Good luck, Sun Devils, and I’ll see you at the career center!


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