What is ASU's online career tool: Handshake?

If you aren’t already familiar with ASU’s Handshake, now is the perfect time to check it out. Handshake is an engine of exploration for jobs and internships around the country and the world. It’s your hub for diving into career resources or finding a job or an internship, and is a great way to connect with peers and experts in your field. We’re sharing some of the best ways to use the tool to help you prepare for your future career. 

Explore career paths

If you have questions about what a specific career could look like, check out Handshake’s career paths. Browse job areas and titles to learn more about what it means to be anything from an electrical engineer to a microbiologist. You can also explore average salaries, the best cities for jobs, current opportunities, and a list of students and alumni you can connect with who are currently involved in the field. Start by searching for your career path to learn more. 

Get your questions answered

Cruise the Handshake Q&A section for career-focused questions from students across the country, covering topics from internships at specific companies to career advice in certain industries, and everything in between. The Handshake community is large, so there are lots of people with relevant experience who can answer these questions. Plus, you can submit your questions (anonymously, if you wish) for the community to respond to. Now there’s no reason not to get answers to all your career questions.

Attend events

There are a ton of events going on throughout the semester, within the ASU community and nationwide. Check out the event calendar on Handshake to take a look at the upcoming events and sign up for something that interests you. 

Handshake is also where you can learn more about ASU's Fall Internship Fairs. 

ASU Fall 2022 Internship Fair: In-person event
Thursday, September 15th 2022, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm MST

ASU Fall 2022 Internship Fair: Virtual event
Friday, September 16th 2022, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm MST


Find jobs and internships

Handshake should be your go-to search engine for finding jobs and internships (see internship fairs mentioned above!). You can filter by the type of position you’re looking for, location and more. Job descriptions include information about the role as well as a list of students you can connect with who work or have previously worked for the company. Some companies even have student reviews and interview tips from others who have been through the process. 

Take some time to explore the resources available to you on Handshake. Then read our post about the benefits of using Handshake for your job search and learn more about ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services for even more helpful resources and expert advice to help you reach your career goals.

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