5 ways to make friends remotely


You may feel pressure in your first year or two of college to make new friends and find your place right away. And while there are a few new remote-related hurdles to making connections this year, the most important thing to keep in mind is that making connections and finding your place will take time. So grab your favorite Zoom background and your phone — we’re sharing the top five ways to make friends from wherever you are. 

1. Attend virtual ASU events.

There are a ton of events going on at ASU all the time. And many of them are available in a remote format from Programming and Activities Board. Check out the full list of upcoming events.

2. Connect with classmates through the ASU Mobile app.

Using the ASU Mobile App, you can connect directly with students in your class. You’re able to see the class roster for each of your classes in the app, and you can send a request to connect to anyone on the list. From there it’s up to you. Ask a question about class, create a study group (more on that below), or just strike up a conversation with your classmates. 

3. Join a virtual student club or organization.

Joining a student group is a great way to get involved on campus and to explore your interests. It’s also a fantastic way to meet new people. You’ll be meeting and working with students who share an interest of yours, and that’s how you can start building connections.

4. Make a virtual study group.

You’re (hopefully) already planning to study for your classes, so why not invite a few of your classmates to join you? Connect with classmates in Zoom chat, your ASU Mobile App or through Canvas community discussion forums. If your class has Supplemental Instruction available from the tutoring center, it’d be a great idea to invite your new friends to join you for a session where you can all learn together. 

5. Join an online community.

There are a lot of online communities out there that are great for forming connections. Whether that’s a Slack channel put together by a class or student group, or an online study hub where you can ask and answer questions and connect with other Sun Devils. 

Use these strategies to meet new people and make new connections remotely. Check out this post forming meaningful relationships in college for more advice and tips on creating connections that last.

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