What is iGrad and how does it help with finances?

If you accepted student loans, chances are you completed your entrance counseling through iGrad. You may have also noticed that we include links to iGrad in our weekly emails, or it may be a whole new resource for you. Regardless, it’s worth checking out. 

iGrad is an online financial wellness tool you get access to as an ASU student to help you succeed in college and in life. It answers questions you may not know you should have and the ones you’ve been curious about for a while, like how to manage your money, create a plan to remain (or become) financially healthy, and be prepared for future budgeting, saving and earning potential. 

Whether you’re a financial expert or still learning how to budget, iGrad can help. They offer a variety of resources to help you learn in a way that works for you. 


These crash courses in financial management can help you with everything from understanding how to use a credit card to learning how to build a savings plan and how to invest. 

Using credit cards responsibly

Creating a savings plan

Investing to build wealth


Dig in to topics you’re curious about — and don’t worry about bingeing content, this stuff is as good as gold. From understanding how to complete your FAFSA to explaining everything from insurance to paychecks, these videos are helpful.

What is the FAFSA?

Why students need health insurance

Understanding your paycheck


iGrad also offers in-depth articles, games, webinars and calculators to help you plan ahead and stay on track. If you haven’t set up your account and linked your student loan information to the platform, do it now. Your more financially secure future self will thank you.

Your money personality [quiz]

Daily expenses diary [download]

Saving for a goal [calculator]

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