ASU students volunteering to help better their career

Volunteer your way to a career

Internships, part-time work and summer programs aren’t the only way to showcase strong job experience. We recommend volunteering to gain resume boosters. Lending a hand to a volunteer organization is a great way to highlight a ton of different skills, all while giving back. Check out our list of all the great ways volunteering can make an impact on your career, and try the Changemaker Central VolunteerMatch to get started.

Leadership skills

Many groups are looking for dedicated and reliable people to lead various aspects of their organization. You’ll be able to show how you manage people, time and limited resources. A leadership role will also help you gain communication experience and will show your consistency and dedication to making a difference.

Make meaningful connections

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, and with many local leaders volunteering in the community, you never know who you’re going to meet. There will definitely be lots of new people, and you might even meet someone who could help your career, whether it’s a connection in your industry, a mentor or even a future boss.

Communications skills

Wherever you volunteer, you’re likely going to be in an environment where communication is very important. Whether you’re completing a task or starting a new project, being clear, concise and able to talk to anyone will come in handy. Plus, with all the experience you’ll get in a volunteer environment, you’ll be able to hone your skills so you’re career-ready.

Show your passions

By participating in a volunteer activity in your field of interest, you’re showcasing your passion for that work. If you’ve been organizing events for a charity for the past few months, you can highlight your passion (and abilities) for event planning while also bringing great skills like organization and time management to the forefront.

Problem solving skills and more

In most nonprofits there are challenges to overcome, whether it’s funding, finding volunteers or just general business challenges. A steady history of participating in the operations of a nonprofit can highlight your ability to help solve these problems. You’ll gain experience in critical thinking skills too and will be able to show your creative ability to come up with and implement different solutions to complex issues.

Check out this video that covers even more ways volunteering can make an impact on your future. And let us know how volunteering has impacted your career by sending a message to

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