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Stress relief advice from students

You asked how to destress and we heard you. We’ve enlisted the help of a few success coaches to share their tips on how to deal with stress from school, life and everything between. Check out their advice below, then schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with your coach. They can help you build strategies to better manage your time, schoolwork and wellness. Find your coach and schedule a meeting on My ASU under Coaching in the Academic Support Team box.

1. “Taking some time to step away from the computer and go for a walk outside, do some stretches or have a nice conversation with a housemate (or even call a friend if you live alone). Just find something to help you reset before you go back to working.”

      – Luna Y., VIP coach, junior psychology major

2. “Be intentional about making time to engage in activities that help you decompress, whether it’s going for a run, doing something creative or just taking five minutes to focus on your breathing.”

      – Ashley S., VIP coach, health sciences, senior

3. “Every week, list everything you need or want to get done. Then chunk out those things into the days, then the times you have available to do them. This includes the fun things and mandatory self-care!”

      – Christina A., VIP2 coach, liberal studies, junior

4. “Set time aside to do things that you enjoy and to give yourself a break from work. I personally like playing with my pets and painting to some music.”

      – Aubrey S., VIP2 coach, secondary education (history), junior

5. “Have a designated relaxation or break day — mine is Saturday. That way I know that even if I have a super busy week and I have to say no to doing fun stuff that I like in order to get my work done, I will for sure have Saturday to relax and do some of the things I put off earlier in the week. 

If you work on weekends or something else prevents setting aside a day, pick a time instead. Just knowing that you have time set aside in your schedule and that you will get a break as long as you stick to your priorities is very comforting.” 

      – Shelby W., VIP coach, psychology, junior

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As a reminder, ASU offers resources for counseling services if you need someone to talk to. And, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Just send an email at

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