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Nailing time management: Your guide to balancing life in the college fast lane

We all know how difficult it can be to balance college life. It’s like riding a unicycle and juggling burning torches at the same time. Feeling overburdened with all the assignments stacking up, buddies scheduling hangouts and important exams approaching is normal. Let's face it, fitting a week's worth of TikToks into 24 hours is how college students manage their time. But with a few tips, you'll be a time management expert. We've got your back with this time management advice to help you breeze through college.

1. Writing your way through college

Create a game plan, first. Imagine you're looking at a blank screen with a six-page paper due in only one week. What do you do? The first step is to draft an outline. Divide the outline into three parts: an introduction, four paragraphs of the body and a conclusion. Your journey will be easier if you have a roadmap.

The daily page challenge. It's not necessary to write for hours on end. Make it a goal to write one page each day. Start with the introduction on the first day, work on the body paragraphs the following days and leave the conclusion for the last day. This strategy guarantees consistent advancement without becoming exhausted.

The countdown to the end. Spend some time examining your essay the morning of the seventh day. Make sure everything is cohesive and flows like your favorite song on your favorite playlist. This simple check guarantees that your creation is prepared for prime time. Then ask family and friends for any final suggestions.

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2. Sunday list ritual

Make a to-do list on Sunday to jumpstart your week. You may avoid falling behind by following through on your obligations with a priority list. One being your highest priority and five being the least important task. This helps with knowing what to do for the week and having a start and an end point.

3. Friends with a twist

Everyone enjoys socializing with friends, right? Combine friend time with school time. Instead of sacrificing your study time, go to campus events with your friends. 

4. Crushing standardized tests

If you plan to take any standardized tests, practice a little each day. Study questions on a certain topic for one to two hours. Change your focus after a few months. Success depends on being consistent.

5. Don’t procrastinate  

Your best friend is the Canvas calendar. Watch out for incoming assignments and focus first on those with close deadlines and high priority. The key is to always be one step ahead. 


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6. Revolutionizing study plans

Incorporating a study schedule into your daily routine is similar to leveling up your preferred video game character. Plan your study sessions, make targets and keep tabs on your progress. Consider this your academic superpower.

7. Epic occasions

Celebrate your accomplishments and buy yourself a treat! 

Time management is the key to juggling the demands of college life. Use these suggestions to succeed in your tasks, enjoy time with friends and get the most out of your college experience. You can do this! It's time to stand out in the competitive world of higher education. For additional motivation and advice on perfecting time management check out this video

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