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Skip the paycheck-to-paycheck rut and start rocking your life

A clear sign of successfully adulting is understanding how to control your spending habits and avoid putting yourself in a situation where you are counting down the days until your next paycheck refills your bank account. It’s not easy, but it certainly is doable. Chonce Maddox, a freelance writer for the Society of Grownups, takes on the challenge of breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and shares what she learned along the way. With fall semester quickly approaching, these tips can help get you started on the right financial foot. Maddox shares how a side hustle, a secret weapon, and just saying no (to yourself) can help stop the draining paycheck cycle.

A different way to budget
Looking for a different approach to the traditional advice on creating a budget? The Society of Grownups also offers a free online class, Spending Plans: A Better Way to Budget  based on living according to your unique value system. Another words, if you can identify what truly brings you joy (and yes, it might actually be a daily latte) you can learn the tactics necessary to tighten the scope of your spending and make better choices on where your money actually goes. 

Sun Devil Next Steps
If you haven’t already, log in to your student budget worksheet and see how any financial aid that you may have been awarded will reduce your ASU charges. Give yourself the clearest picture possible of your total expenses and then rock your new spending plan.

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