Mental health and wellness in college

Adapting to the responsibilities of college life is different for everyone. If you're someone that has encountered challenges, it is important to understand that it's quite normal. The ASU community is committed to helping you have a great semester, but it can still be tough. It may help you to know that feeling overwhelmed is normal, and so is reaching out for help. We’re here to help you find the support you may need throughout the semester. 

Reach out to your inner circle

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or disconnected, reach out to someone you trust. Whether that’s a friend, family member, roommate or even your community assistant, it helps to have someone you can talk with about your feelings. It’s also important to know that finding your place in a new space can be challenging, and you’re not alone if you’re feeling like you haven’t found where you belong yet. You have time, and it helps to be patient with yourself.

Talk to your Success coach

Your Success coach is a great resource to reach out to for support. Coaches are junior and senior students who can help you with the transition to college life. They are available to meet virtually or in person to answer your questions and offer tips and advice to help you navigate your life as a student. 

Visit ASU Counseling

If you feel dissatisfied or discomforted by something in your life, or simply want someone to talk to about how you’re feeling, you can always reach out to ASU Counseling Services. Help is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Take good care of yourself, Sun Devil.


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Hey Sunny

A library of helpful advice, tips and answers to questions from students to Sunny.

ASU’s chatbot, Sunny, has been helping students get adjusted to college life for a few years now. The questions from students year after year, rarely change. Sometimes it helps to see what other students are asking to stay informed and realize you aren’t the only one trying to figure it all out.

Welcome to the Hey Sunny blog – a library of advice for students from Sunny and the team supporting the bot.

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