Internship 101


This is your go-to guide for everything from finding an internship you’re interested in, to landing the gig and knocking it out of the park from day one. 

Finding your opportunity

There are many ways to find internship opportunities, such as through job boards, job and internship fairs, connections made through your personal network, and ASU’s Handshake. The challenge is knowing what you’re looking for in an internship. To start exploring your interests, we recommend talking to a career advisor at ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services. They can help you focus your interests and talk through the kind of opportunities you may want to pursue. Once you have the type of internship you want in mind, you can start applying. 

Landing the gig

Landing the gig is really all about preparation, because it takes careful consideration to present yourself (on paper and in person) in the best way for each position. Your network of family, friends, professors or other professionals can be immensely helpful in the preparation phase, but this is also another good time to swing by the career center.

Once you’ve identified a few internships you plan to apply to and have put together resumes and cover letters for each, have your materials reviewed. The career center’s resume dropbox is a great resource. You can submit your resume, cover letter and the description of the position you’re applying to and get feedback on everything. If you go in person, you’ll get feedback right away but you can also submit your materials online and hear back in 3–5 days. Additionally you can pop in for interview practice or check out InterviewStream (under Interviewing). InterviewStream is an online interview simulator. You can record your responses and watch them back, or submit them for advice from an expert. 

Once you’re in the door

Starting your internship is when you might be really stepping out of your comfort zone. If this is your first internship or first experience in an office setting, there are a few things you’re probably wondering about.  

  • Basic office etiquette. This varies from office-to-office and is something you should try to get a feel for before your first day. Take note of the vibe of the office during your interview or research the company online. If you’re really unsure, email your supervisor to ask about dress code before your first day. They can fill you in on any other office expectations once you start.

  • Make connections. This is the time to make connections and branch out. One of the great things about your position is that everyone knows you’re there to learn, so be sure to meet as many people in as many different positions as you can. 

  • Time to learn. Make it a point to learn everything you can as an intern. This is the perfect time to ask questions you have about the industry, job prospects and how other people in the company got to the position they’re in now. 

For more resources to help you prepare for your internship, take the free online course, Be Internship Ready (under Helpful Links), offered by ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services. Let us know if you have any questions or advice for other students by sending us a message.   

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