How Career Services can help you

Students learning from each other in the career services department at ASU

No matter where you are in your college and professional career, ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services has resources to help you succeed. Here are a few of the ways they can help guide you in your career journey.

Deep dives with your career advisor

Your advisor can help you explore a variety of potential career paths and prepare plans for searching, applying, and interviewing for jobs and internships. You can meet with your career advisor in person, online or over the phone by scheduling an appointment. Here are a few things to ask yourself to prepare for your first appointment:

  • What experience do I already have? (Think part-time jobs, volunteer experience, etc.)

  • What did I enjoy about those experiences?

  • What skills am I looking to use in an internship or job?

  • What matters most to me in a career? (There’s no wrong answer here!)

Handshake — your online hub

This online portal is a great resource for everything related to career readiness. Find job and internship listings from companies looking to hire college students, and events nearby that will help you succeed. ASU career events like Rapid Resume Reviews and mock interviews are listed here, as well as major-specific and university wide career fairs. This is your go-to for insider knowledge with an extensive Q&A section (think asked and answered questions about interning with Google) and reviews of employers from former employees and interns.

Resume and cover letter review

Before you apply for any position, it’s a good idea to have your resume and cover letter reviewed. Use the online resume dropbox to submit your resume and cover letter (you can even include the job description for more focused results) and receive feedback in a few days. If you’re starting from scratch — that’s okay too. Check out examples as well as resume and cover letter tips on the Career and Professional Development Services website to get started!  

Find a mentor that fits you

Check out the ASU Mentor Network, an online platform to help you to find a mentor who fits with your career goals. Connect with alumni and other industry professionals who have volunteered to provide mentorship and join groups focused on specific career fields. You can even ask questions and see responses to questions asked by other students in the online discussion forum.

There is a ton that ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services can do to help you find success in your career. Check out their hours, locations and resources, and get started on your path to success.  


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