ASU student writing down her future career goals

The first steps to your career goals

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. At ASU you’re in a great place to start exploring, learning and asking questions that will help define your interests and guide your future. We want to help you lay the groundwork for a great career based on your skills and what you care about the most. Follow these four stepping stones to get you started on the path to success.

Know your worth

Lots of positions posted on job boards require experience. And if you haven’t had a job or internship before, that could sound like a non-starter. But think about the things you have done in your life. Volunteering, student groups and more all fall under the experience category and can highlight valuable skills while showing your interest areas. Read this article to learn how to highlight the experience you have.

Explore your future

Think hard about the path you want your career to take and start looking into your options. We recommend making an appointment with a career advisor. They have tools to help you find your strengths and tons of experience helping people find their fit. Don’t be afraid to dream big and explore something different. Check out Changemaker Central to meet other entrepreneurs and innovators.

Set goals for yourself

Give yourself future targets to aim for by setting a few goals. They can be about beginning your career or researching job ideas to see if any strike a chord. Just having something to aspire to may help you stay motivated. Check out our guide to breaking your goals into bite-sized pieces to help you plan a do-able path to success.

Get in the game

Start testing out your skills and interest areas as soon as you can. We recommend attending the campus-wide career fair. You’ll be able to mingle with recruiters, learn about potential internships or jobs, and more. Be in the know about future career events by checking out the career services events calendar.

Keep searching, exploring and trying new things until you find a path that’s a good fit for you. Check out our guide to going after your dream job right out of the starting gate for more ways to reach your career goals.


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