5 benefits of a part-time job

Benefits of getting a job while in college

You may be planning to work while you’re in college, and you probably want to gather as much useful experience as possible at the same time. Our advice? Don’t discount a part-time job that falls outside of your major or isn’t academic.

Wherever you work there’s something to gain from the experience, and it’s likely more than just spare cash. We broke down the major benefits of part-time positions that don’t check the internship or in-your-field boxes below.

Grow your people skills

Jobs in the service industry, like a restaurant server or retail position, teach you invaluable people skills. You’ll learn all about customer service, which is very helpful in future careers, especially ones that involve interacting with clients. Service jobs also teach you how to keep your cool and stay calm under pressure (Ever worked at a restaurant during the dinner rush?) — you’ll learn valuable skills you can use in any environment.

Work on time management

Having any job in college is an instant lesson in time management. You’ll be juggling classes, studying and homework with a social life, student orgs and now a part-time job. Here’s our beginner's guide to time management to get your started. Don’t forget to sleep. And don’t forget the importance of going to class. It is why you’re here.

Show your work ethic

Simultaneously being in school and working will show future employers that you’re a hard worker with a strong work ethic. Holding a part-time position, especially if you’re still discovering your path in school and trying out different organizations or internships, will show that you are reliable and dedicated to achievement.

Make unexpected connections

You know how they say you never know who’s going to walk through the door? It’s true. You could be the library assistant who is sitting there when President Crow walks in looking for a specific book, or the server at a table where a business mogul dines and leaves you a business card. Being in the community opens you up to opportunities and introduces you to people you would have never met otherwise.

Build your bank account

All these benefits are great, but you can’t deny that some extra spending money sounds pretty good, too. That’s where learning new budgeting skills comes in. Whether you’re working to pay bills, or to buy yourself a few extra dinners out, it’s up to you to spend your income responsibly. Check out these beginner tips to get your started with money management.

We want to know what skills you’ve gained from a part-time position. Let us know by telling us your story or tagging us on Instagram at @asuadulting101.

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