What is Changemaker Central?

ASU students being changemakers in their community

The first step to finding your place at Changemaker Central is walking through the door. From there, it’s all about where your interests and passions drive you. When you enter the space, a student Change Agent will greet you (you don’t need an appointment). They’ll ask you about yourself, your areas of interest and what you’re hoping to gain from being a part of the community (it’s okay if you don’t know).

What can I get by being part of the community?

Whatever you want. You’re already a changemaker just by being a Sun Devil. Changemaker Central simply puts you in a position to drive your own change. You can use it as a study space, check the whiteboards for opportunities, join a group of volunteers, start a community service project, join a Changemaker committee, launch a venture, or get help applying for grants to fund your ideas.

That’s a lot of stuff.

It is. That’s where Change Agents comes in — to help you find the areas you’re most interested in and where you would best fit. They will work with you to find the “why” behind your ideas and point you in the best direction to help you make a difference. Change Agents answer inquiries regarding community service, service learning, national service, entrepreneurship and high impact careers both in-person and on the phone.

Let’s talk about volunteering. What are my options?

Days of Service The projects vary and are led by student group leaders, but you don’t have to be a part of the group to join the volunteer team. When it comes to lending a helping hand, the more the merrier.

Volunteer to lead a group — Take your interest in a nonprofit and work with Changemaker to help. You can create your own day of service, or start a project with the nonprofit to create change. Ask a Change Agent for more details.

Be award-winning — Track your service hours in VolunteerMatch and you could be recognized for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. You gain recognition for your work on a national level, and it won’t look too shabby on your resume either.

Where can I learn more about all of this?

The best way to start is to start, and with Changemaker that means stepping through the doors and having a conversation. Natalie Z., a first-year student majoring in political science and the Tempe Service Chair for Changemaker Central, wants other students to know that it “is such a welcoming and opening space, don’t be nervous to go and ask questions … It may seem intimidating at first, but being involved in Changemaker has allowed me to meet some amazing people who motivate and push me to be my best self every day.”


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