How to change your major (part 2)

Now that you’ve explored all of your options and changing your major feels like the right decision, it’s time to ask the functional questions. You can find a ton of information about changing your major, but it’s the personal and major-specific details that you need to focus on now. Make sure you’re on track for success, know what to expect and have a plan for the future by asking your advisor these five questions. 

  1. Who is my new advisor? Ask your current advisor to help you get set up with a new major advisor. You’ll need to get their name and contact info and set up the first appointment. Find out how they schedule appointments. If it’s a different process than you’re used to you can ask your current advisor to schedule the appointment for you.
  2. Are there special admission requirements? Some majors have different admission requirements than others - meaning your GPA and test score results may come into play.  
  3. What are the requirements of the major I’m switching to? If you haven’t already, run your DARS audit to better understand how your credits will transfer to your new major. Your new advisor will help you dive into the specific requirements and get you on track to graduation.
  4. Are there extra fees associated with this major? Some majors come with more fees than others. You need to know so you can plan how you’ll cover those costs this semester and so you can be sure to include them in your budget for the future.  
  5. When do I start? You can check the academic calendar to see if there are fees associated with the changes you want to make. Your advisor can review everything with you and help you decide when is the best time for you to make the change financially and academically.

Once you’ve worked through the details, you can start focusing all of your energy on succeeding. Check out our guide to studying and get ahead in your new classes. Now that you’re following your dream, it’s time to thrive!

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